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Winklevoss Twins Lead $750K Investment in Shopping Startup Hukkster

What Harvard man can turn down a deal on Topsiders?
tyler cameron winklevoss 300x300 Winklevoss Twins Lead $750K Investment in Shopping Startup Hukkster

Sympathy for the (Kinda) Blue-Blooded Devils: Should you feel bad for the Winklevoss Twins?

The latest to hop on the shopping startup bandwagon: Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. DealBook reports that the twins just led a $750,000 investment in New York City-based Hukkster. The service allows budget-conscious shoppers to bookmark items they want, then receive email alerts when those items go on sale.

It’s the pair’s second investment through Winklevoss Capital. Previously they bet a $1 million on SumZero, a social network for money managers founded by their ConnectU comrade Divya Narendra.

Ecommerce is so hot right now, which means it’s pretty damn crowded. There are all the flash sale sites, and then there are the subscription services, and then there are the Pinterest copycats with varying degrees of shoppability. (We could do this all day.)

But it sounds like Mr. Cameron Winklevoss in particular is a true believer:

Throughout the day, Cameron sent DealBook e-mail alerts from Hukkster about deals that the site had flagged for him.

“I just saved 15 percent on these Topsiders today!” he said.

Good to know that Facebook settlement hasn’t dulled their appreciation for a good deal.

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  1. Marcus says:

    Hukkster has some really strong fundamentals and I think this was a great purchase.