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Verizon Is in Your Sexts, Stealing Your Nudes

Guard your data.
 Verizon Is in Your Sexts, Stealing Your Nudes

Can you hear me now? (Photo: Naples News)

While waiting for your data to transfer from an old cell phone to a new one, who hasn’t experienced that flash of fear that the Verizon employee doing the transfer will sneak a peek at your text messages? (You really should come up with a better code word for weed than “green.”) Still, most of us believe that they can’t really get into that much trouble while you’re standing there watching them…right?

Or not. The Register reports that two Verizon employees in Florida have been arrested for allegedly stealing nude pictures from a female customer’s cell phone and disseminating them. When the woman came in to have her data transferred, one of the employees ripped pictures “depict[ing] her breasts and vagina” and put them on the store computer. He also sent them to a fellow coworker’s cell phone. Worse, when another customer came into the store for an upgrade, they showed him the nude pictures.

Unfortunately for them, that customer knew the woman in the photos; after talking to her about it, he immediately alerted the police. The two Verizon employees, whose sexual experiences prior to this most likely amounted to screaming sexualized insults at Xbox Live competitors, now face felony charges for stolen property.

The moral of this story? Practice safe sexting: don’t let Verizon workers anywhere near your selfies.

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