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Someone Has Now Gamified Taking a Piss

"Yeah, that's like a man's dream." Get better dreams!

screen shot 2012 11 16 at 9 06 56 am Someone Has Now Gamified Taking a Piss

So, you’re telling me… (Photo: Screengrab)

Gentlemen, have you been feeling a bit bored at the urinal lately? You know–you’re a couple drinks in so it’s time to tap a kidney, but you’re not quite drunk enough that standing is a struggle. Perhaps you could use a little light entertainment, something that’ll make you whistle while you wiz?

Well, good news. Wired reports that a company is working on a gaming system that works not via joystick or touchscreen, but rather by stream. You score by aiming your pee according to the demands of the game.

Naturally, this is a play for ad revenue. Captive Media–as in captive audience–plans to sell spots to advertisers before (as visitors unzip) and after (as visitors zip) the game. The systems will go into public restrooms; think beer advertisements in the pub bathroom. Thus far, they’ve raised $700,000 in seed capital.

Nor will you get stuck playing the same game over and over. Says Wired:

There are five games that pop up at random on the UES, including On the Piste, where you speed down a ski run trying to hit penguins; Clever Dick, a trivia game which uses the direction of your stream to pick an answer, and Artsplash, a coloring game which I can only imagine is akin to drawing in the snow.

For those curious, here’s an introductory video scored to a rousing techno beat. Please note the slightly sloshed Brit who says, “Yeah, that’s like a man’s dream,” as though he were being given the map to El Dorado.

No word on when someone will introduce a competitive offering for the ladies.

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