Ride or Die

Uber Offers New Customers a Free Ride to Polling Places on Election Day

Fuck yeah, America!
main icon Uber Offers New Customers a Free Ride to Polling Places on Election Day

(Photo: Uber Blog)

San Francisco-based Uber, which allows users to hail a black car using their smartphone, has teamed up with Rock the Vote for an Election Day partnership that aims to entice new Uber customers to cast their ballots for our next President.

“On November 6th, we all have some big decisions to make as we decide on the next President of the United States,” reads a recent post to Uber’s blog. “One decision you shouldn’t have to make is how you’ll get to the polls.” Now you really have no excuse for not voting.

Uber will offer $20.12 towards a ride to or from a polling place during election hours on November 6th. Any amount over $20.12 will be charged to the customer’s credit card, but since most people live within walking distance of their local polling place, it really shouldn’t cost much more than that.

Unfortunately for avid Uber consumers, the offer is only good for first-time riders. But a representative from Uber told Betabeat that they’ll be rolling out promotions throughout the day, some targeted to existing customers. In Chicago, for example, the company is offering a free taxi ride to both new and existing customers.

Nothing like a free ride to quiet customers crying “price gouging.”

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