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Strange Twitter First: Israel’s IDF Tweets Announcement of Military Operation Against Hamas

Cry 'havoc' and let slip the tweets of war.
idfbannertwitter2 Strange Twitter First: Israels IDF Tweets Announcement of Military Operation Against Hamas

The IDF’s Twitter banner. (Screengrab)

In what is surely a weird moment for Twitter, bastion of cat-fights between tech bloggers and hashtag memes entirely devoted to stupid crap people do when they drink, Israel’s Defense Forces today announced a major operation against Hamas. As Fast Company noted, this “was the first confirmation made to the media of an official military campaign” via Twitter.

The IDF’s announcement is serious business. The tweets speak for themselves:

Earlier Wednesday the IDF tweeted that it had struck it’s “first target,” Hamas military leader Ahmed Al-Jabari.

Hamas confirmed Al-Jabari’s death and according to the Telegraph, said the official’s death had “opened the gates of hell.”

At 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Hamas was a top-trending topic on Twitter in the United States, just behind “Marlins.”

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