Love in the Time of Algorithms

Rap Genius Cofounder Searching for a Lucky Lady to Eat Sushi Off His Penis

Shaft sashimi, anyone?
 Rap Genius Cofounder Searching for a Lucky Lady to Eat Sushi Off His Penis

(Photo: Sumner Dilworth, courtesy of Vibe)

The cofounders behind the lyric annotation database RapGenius are kind of like a trio of Tom Haverfords, albeit with a $15 million series A instead of a couple hundos from a certain mustachioed grump. In an attempt to further solidify their reputations as a cartoonish reimagining of the college ex-boyfriend who thought 808s and Heartbreak was “revolutionary,” RapGenius’s cofounders Ilan Zachory, Mahbod Moghadam and Tom Lehman submitted to an interview with Cosmo about sex and dating.

First off, any ladies interested in dating one of the RG guys better up their “swag” quotient.

“You know it when you see it,” Mr. Moghadam said in an attempt to explain “swag” to Cosmo‘s readership. “I like a girl who can crack a little joke, who’s playful and has jouissance (loosely translated in French as a lady who seeks pleasure).” Smart, bilingual women may also inquire, but only if you’re a blogger. (French bloggers get extra points.)

And what exactly can you expect from a date with one of the RapGenius cofounders? A jaunt to Saint Barth’s for one, or perhaps some mini golf. More than likely you will also be asked to consume sushi from an unusual location. Instead of eating a dick donut, as Cosmo helpfully suggests, Mr. Moghadam tells the magazine he prefers the “sugar-free” approach.

“Why not put sashimi on the penis? It’s protein,” he said.

This has been another casual reminder that these people have $15 million in venture capital.

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