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Portland Painter Attempts to Elevate Your Nude Tumblr Selfies Into Art

As if your Tumblr wasn't arty enough.
 Portland Painter Attempts to Elevate Your Nude Tumblr Selfies Into Art

(Illustration: Dan Gluibizzi via Wired)

If you’re a painter trying to explore themes of exhibitionism and voyeurism, one microblogging site has you covered. And how! “There must be 50 million unique Tumblr sites and I think 49 million of them must be of nudity!” Portland artist Dan Gluibizzi “jokes” to Wired.

That would help explain how Tumblr just crossed over into 20 billion pageviews.

In Mr. Gluibizzi’s case, his obsession with Tumblr is part professional (source of inspiration for his paintings) and part personal. Wired reports that “His favorite Tumblr sites are those on which users post their own pictures.” Him, you, and everyone we know.

Tumblr’s appeal, he says, is also in its diversity:

“On Tumblr, there aren’t just young and attractive people. In the nudist magazines of the ’50s and ’60s they eliminated all the middle-aged men and women. Tumblr has everything across the board—fat skinny, tall, short and goofy-looking,” he says.

Give us your skinny, your goofy, your emo masses, just yearning to post naked pics?

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