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Get Ready to Freebase Christmas With Pinterest’s New Holiday Advent Calendar

It's like being trapped in a Thomas Kincade painting!
screen shot 2012 11 21 at 11 26 48 am Get Ready to Freebase Christmas With Pinterests New Holiday Advent Calendar

It’s like Scarface, but starring Santa.

Look, it wasn’t any secret that Pinterest was going to reach new heights of D.I.Y. decadence this holiday season. Can you think of a better place to burn workdays looking at wintery craft projects you’ll never, ever complete? But we hadn’t expected anything quite as over-the-top as the newly launched “30 Days of Pinspiration,” which feels a little like walking into a seasonal edition of Oprah’s Favorite Things.

Each new day until the end of December brings another thematically appropriate Pinterest board, from a brand, a well-known personality or a power user. First up is Katie Couric, sharing her favorite Thanksgiving traditions, and The L.A. Times says that future contributors include Paula Deen, the NBA, the Marine Corps and Starbucks.

It’s basically an advent calendar, except instead of chocolate you get an 8-ball of pure Pottery Barn.

The site is quite a departure from Pinterest’s usual clean layout. Those curlicues and that bright blue background are the least of it. Floating gently in the background is what looks like snow, but is actually whimsical holiday nouns–think cameras and suitcases and teddy bears. Hover over a day on the calendar, and it makes a little chiming sound. The whole thing makes Starbucks’ holiday menu look like a half-assed exercise.

It’s not entirely clear whether this move is meant to rack up even more users, or if it’s meant to demonstrate what the platform can do for brands. But at this point, we just have to wonder whether Pinterest is all some Lovecraft-like scheme to soak up all the world’s surplus fuzzy feelings to feed the creation of some terrible new God.

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