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Pentagon Spends $100,000 to Answer the Question ‘Did Jesus Die for Klingons Too?’

A fair question.
 Pentagon Spends $100,000 to Answer the Question Did Jesus Die for Klingons Too?

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The federal government spends money to fix the country’s infrastructure, help senior citizens get affordable access to health care and beef up national security, but did you know that it also pays for stuff like workshops on Star Trek musings?

The Washington Times reports that Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn has brought to light some of the Pentagon’s non-security focused spending, which–as a small-government Republican–he naturally wants cut. Buried among the list of things the Pentagon supposedly spent money on, including a new form of rolled-up beef jerky, is this little gem:

$100,000 for a 2011 workshop on interstellar space travel that included a session entitled “Did Jesus die for Klingons too?” The session probed how Christian theology would apply in the event of the discovery of aliens.

We’re unsure how a workshop focusing on the hypothetical mixture of Star Trek and Christian doctrine cost $100,000, unless they actually hosted it in space, but perhaps that new rolled-up beef jerky is expensive to cater.

This isn’t the first time Klingons and Jesus have been thrown into the same mix. There’s actually a website called Klingons for Jesus, which¬†satirically¬†claims, “Jesus is the messiah the Klingons have been waiting for all along.”

Sadly, it appears the $100,000 question was never actually answered.

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