Oprah Loves the Microsoft Surface So Much She Used an iPad to Tweet About It

You get a Twitter faux pas! And you get a Twitter faux pas!
photo 187 Oprah Loves the Microsoft Surface So Much She Used an iPad to Tweet About It

(Screenshot: Zagg)

Between the Windows 8 sales that hit “well below” expectations, empty retail stores and the numerous YouTube videos featuring a sweaty Steve Ballmer trying to amp up a bored crowd at a product launch, it appears that any person or thing that touches Microsoft is destined for a mortifying moment or two. Even Oprah Winfrey, Queen of All Things Ever, is not immune to the challenges inherent to hawking a Microsoft product.

Betabeat was surprised to find that the Surface, Microsoft’s attempt at cornering the tablet market, appeared on Oprah’s annual holiday list of Favorite Things alongside a corksicle and some jelly sandals. But it seems that even though she called it a “wowser” on her Favorite Things list, Ms. Winfrey’s devotion may be more marketing than true love.

Last night, Oprah tweeted, “Gotta say love that SURFACE! Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts.” The Surface may be good enough for those 12 people, but not for Ms. Winfrey herself, it seems. Zagg noted that the tweet was actually sent via Twitter for iPad; Betabeat confirmed that according to Tweetbot, the tweet was indeed send from an iPad.

Somewhere out West, Steve Ballmer is having a rage stroke.

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  1. jonny rocket says:

    oprah? how much did balmer pay her?

  2. Political Poop says:

    Sounds like something Obama would do. Oh well, crows of a feather…

  3. tablet news says:

    Where is baidoo button?