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New and Britney Spears Video Also Stars a Makerbot 3D Printer Because . . .

(Screencap: YouTube)

(Screencap: YouTube)

When one mulls over the future of manufacturing, naturally the first question that comes to mind is: How we can we as a nation effectively mass produce cornerstone products, like a plastic bust of performer

Luckily, Mr. Am–who last we heard was hurtling our planet towards a Martian attack–has ushered 3D printing into the mainstream by including it in his newest video, “Scream and Shout,” also featuring the eminently GIF-able Britney Spears. At around 1:38 in the video, a 3D printer sitting on a platform displaying the Makerbot logo is seen printing thin layers of plastic to create a bust of that vital American commodity: Mr. Am’s head.

As VH1 notes, the entire video is really a holiday gift guide for gadget lovers. For the smug hipster in your life, there’s an iPad plugged into a typewriter; for the person who has literally everything they could possibly want, there’s a “scuba” case that lets you submerge your iPhone in water, which makes for a really neat party trick that won’t make people think you’re an asshole at all.

And of course, because Mr. Am is no stranger to the tech world, “Scream and Shout” also prominently features his new line of cell phone accessories, which Gizmodo notes are “worse than his band.” High praise!

Meanwhile, YouTube commenters offered similar accolades for his new song. Wrote one, “This video gave me cancer.”

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