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Murder Suspect John McAfee on His New Disguise: ‘I’ll Probably Look Like a Murderer, Unfortunately’

mfee1 Murder Suspect John McAfee on His New Disguise: I’ll Probably Look Like a Murderer, Unfortunately

This guy, but with black hair. (Photo: Long Island Press)

Antivirus software creator and bath salts enthusiast John McAfee is on the lam in Central America. He’s wanted by the Belizean police in connection to the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull, and now he’s in disguise. Well, kind of.

Wired reporter Joshua Davis has been tweeting live dispatches from Mr. McAfee, who has been updating him almost hourly on his current status. “McAfee on phone just now: I have radically altered my appearance,” Mr. David tweeted yesterday. But according to the accompanying Wired blog post, Mr. McAfee’s “radical” plan amounts to a box of hair dye. His beard, hair and eyebrows are now “jet black.”

So far, Mr. McAfee’s escape has switched over from the bathroom disguise scene in a Jason Bourne movie to the part where they play the intense violin music. According to Wired, he’s been “riding in boats, huddling on the floorboards of taxis, sleeping in a bed that he said was infested with lice.”

But aside from the fact that his roots will look awful, the last minute dye job may have been a bad decision when it comes to that whole people-not-thinking-you’re-a-murderer thing. As Mr. McAfee told Wired. “I’ll probably look like a murderer, unfortunately.”

Do the Belizean police even need to put out an APB for a dark-haired, lice-infested white dude with tribal shoulder tattoos? Or can they just start raiding gringo bars?

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