Microsoft Pretends Its a Perception Problem: Nerd Haters Are the Reason No One Likes IE

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but...
screen shot 2012 11 29 at 1 01 13 pm Microsoft Pretends Its a Perception Problem: Nerd Haters Are the Reason No One Likes IE

Dream on, guys. (Screencap)

Microsoft is still plugging away, trying to convince us all to return to the bosom of Internet Explorer. Their latest volley in the company’s ongoing campaign: An almost 2-minute-long video chronicling a stereotypical nerd’s journey from hating on the world’s least cool browser to finally accepting that it is the greatest.

If only Internet Explorer’s perception problems were that simple.

The scene: A loner sits in a darkened room in front of his two monitors, surrounded by geek signifier after geek signifier: a lava lamp, a cat mug, an empty soda bottle that looks an awful lot like Mountain Dew. (A knock on programmers, perhaps?) He’s leaving furious comments about IE all over the Internet, pouring forth haterade into every social media channel he can find. And every time Microsoft, cheerfully responds with some wonderful, geek friendly new feature. Finally, he sees the light and converts.

There’s just one big problem with this reading of events. It’s not just basement-dwelling losers who break out in hives at the site of Internet Explorer.

At this point, even your Grandma is probably seriously considering downloading Chrome, if she hasn’t just switched wholly to an iPad. This seems less like an advertising campaign for more users and more like a corporate wish fullfillment exercise for Microsoft execs. Maybe that’s why comments have been disabled.

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