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Kim Jong Un Is the New Moot: 4Chan Wants to Make the North Korean Leader Time’s Person of the Year

And he's currently ranked #2.
qhrab Kim Jong Un Is the New Moot: 4Chan Wants to Make the North Korean Leader <em>Time</em>’s Person of the Year

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is having the best week ever. After being nominated by The Onion as 2012’s sexiest man alive–and having the announcement subsequently spread across papers in China as if The Onion is a legitimate news source–the meme-friendly leader now has 4chan gunning for him. Like it did for the site’s founder Moot back in 2009, The Daily Dot reports that 4chan’s /b/ board is assembling to affect the outcome of Time‘s Person of the Year award.

Though Time editors technically choose the winner, the magazine also runs a poll on its website for the Internet to decide who is the world’s “Most Influential Person.” Dubbed “Operation: Kim Jung Un for Time’s Person of the Year,” 4chan is already off to a good start: Kim Jong Un is currently ranked number two in the poll, trailing Egyptian president Mohamed Morsy.

Back in 2009, 4chan galvanized to successfully vote its cofounder, the litigious Chris Poole, as the World’s Most Influential Person, beating Bernie Madoff, Oprah Winfrey and our very own POTUS. Back then, Time said its technical team detected several efforts to “hack the vote,” so we suspect the devs at Time to be on high alert until voting closes December 12th.

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