Booting Up: Is Facebook Serving Users, or Stiffing Brands?

 Booting Up: Is Facebook Serving Users, or Stiffing Brands?

Facebook says: Vote vote vote, like a baby stoat. (Photo: Cute Overload)

Brands are seeing clickthroughs from Facebook drop precipitously–just as the social network debuts the moneymaking Promoted Posts. Facebook, on the other hand, maintains its merely trying to keep from clogging up users’ news feeds with irrelevant information. [Ars Technica]

Lest you think the social network is completely neglecting its civic duties, Facebook will reportedly remind everyone to vote on Tuesday. [CNET]

“This is the modern version of someone falsely screaming ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater.” That’s probably the last thing Twitter troll @ComfortablySmug, caught spreading false information for the lulz during Hurricane Sandy, wanted to hear. [Wall Street Journal]

Macmillan Dictionaries are going online only, a decision sure to make sense to all but the most fiercely nostalgic. [TheNextWeb]

As connectivity is increasingly important in cars, the automaker GM is staffing up in IT. [MIT Technology Review]

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