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Even Nate Silver Can’t Predict When a Deadspin Commenter Will Get Laid

 Even Nate Silver Cant Predict When a Deadspin Commenter Will Get Laid

This comes up when you Google “Nate Silver baller.” (Photo: Mashable)

Statistical genius and maybe-witch Nate Silver popped by Gawker Media’s sports site, Deadspin, today for a little Q&A session. Mr. Silver answered some interesting questions that have been bouncing around the web ever since his mic drop moment, wherein he accurately predicted the electoral outcome of all 50 states.

Mr. Silver wrote that he does plan to make predictions for the elections in 2014 and 2016, and that being suddenly famous is “Completely terrifying. Still, file under ‘Good Problems to Have.'”

The most fascinating moment, however, came when an enterprising Deadspin commenter named blackjack870 asked the question everyone else wanted to but decided against in order to preserve their dignity. “What is the statistical probability that a 28 y/o male gets laid this weekend?” he asked, before clarifying, “Specifically, me.”

Though many have assumed his mathematical wizardry lends itself innately to social awkwardness, Mr. Silver replied with what was really the only appropriate response:

It’s inversely correlated with your likelihood of asking this question.

To that, poor blackjack870 did not respond.

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