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Woman Sells Her Virginity in Online Auction for $780,000; Sad Male Counterpart Only Nets $3,000

But money can't buy you love.
screen shot 2012 10 25 at 9 12 20 am Woman Sells Her Virginity in Online Auction for $780,000; Sad Male Counterpart Only Nets $3,000

(Photo: Virgins Wanted)

Australian filmmaker Justin Sisley has been struggling since 2009 to produce a stunt-heavy documentary that investigates the commodification of virginity. His original outrage-friendly plans to auction off the virginity of two willing participants (in international waters to avoid prostitution charges, natch) were stifled back in 2009, when the 18-year-old female participant dropped out after facing scrutiny from family and friends. Now, Mr. Sisley has re-emerged with two new volunteers who have successfully auctioned off their virginities to the avid internet public.

Catarina Migliorini, a 20-year-old Brazilian woman, and 23-year-old Russian man Alex Stepanov, signed a contract with Mr. Sisley agreeing to offer up their virginities in a live online auction. After a few weeks of bidding, the final results are in: Ms. Migliorinin netted $780,000 from a bidder named “Natsu” for her virginity, while Mr. Stepanov only earned $3,000 from a woman named “Nene B.”

Ms. Migliorini said she plans to use the funds for charitable causes, primarily to build houses in her hometown; Mr. Stepanov will funnel his earnings towards curing his lifelong depression.

Strict terms of service apply to the deal, of course. The highest bidders will only get one night with the virgins in order to consummate their deal. Ms. Migliorini also has to endure a gynecological exam to confirm that she’s a virgin, and Mr. Stepanov must submit character testimonies by family and friends assuring that he’s one, too. The actual act of consummation will occur on an airplane in flight, to avoid any sort of legal entanglements that could come from doing it on the ground.

Of course, the vast price difference between the two virgins–as well as the fact that Ms. Miglorini has to go through a far more stringent fact-checking process to prove her virginity–elucidates our still-draconian attitudes toward sex, particularly when it comes to women.

We trust that Mr. Sisley will explore these themes in his doubtless riveting documentary.

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