Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

White House Admits it Was Targeted by Hackers

Officials proactively reached out to deny that the hacks impacted critical systems.

In response to a right wing website’s allegation they sustained a cyber attack from Chinese hackers, the White House has admitted to Politico that the attack occurred. However, the Obama Administration insists no data was stolen and classified systems were not compromised.

An unnamed official told Politico that the attempted hack was essentially an isolated incident in which a staffer received an email carrying a malware attachment. To be clear, everything is cool now and rogue Chinese hackers won’t be taking control of the suitcase containing nuclear launch codes any time soon:

None of the White House’s secure, classified computer systems were affected, said the official, who reached out to POLITICO after the Free Beacon story appeared — without having been asked for comment. Nor had there been any attempted breach of a classified system, according to the official.

As Politico notes, the Washington Free Beacon, which broke the news of the attack, has a clear right wing agenda and has worked to portray the current administration as weak on foreign policy. The same site has also alleged that Russian nuclear subs were patrolling in U.S. territory, a charge denied by the Department of Defense.

There’s no doubt there are teams of possibly Chinese government-sponsored hackers at work attempting to dig into all sorts of Western systems–Telvent Canada, an energy industry giant, was hacked sometime around Sept. 11.

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