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Weather Channel Geeks Out With 2012 Winter Storm Names

Who knew the Weather Channel could be so wry?
 Weather Channel Geeks Out With 2012 Winter Storm Names

(Photo: The Weather Channel)

Winter is coming, at least according to every Game of Thrones fan on Reddit. This year, the witty folks at the Weather Channel have decided to name every winter storm. As it turns out, whoever was tasked with writing these names is kind of a huge sci fi nerd.

D is for Draco–perhaps as a nod to Mr. Malfoy in the Harry Potter series? Lord of the Rings fans will recognize the G name–it’s Gandolf; for Star Trek fans, there’s Khan for K and “Q,” the devious God character who drives Captain Picard insane, for the letter Q.

The best part is that the Weather Channel refuses to cop to the fact that the names are ripped out of sci fi/fantasy lore. For each name, they provide context to demonstrate where it’s from. Gandolf is “a character in a 1896 fantasy novel in a pseudo-medieval countryside,” they reason. Q is “the Broadway Express subway line in New York City.”

We hope this season’s biggest Nor’easter comes in time for the letter K so that we have an excuse to clench our fists and scream KHAAAAAN at the angry sky.

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