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Rumor Roundup: The World’s Most Cheapskate VC and 57 Is Spotify’s Unlucky Number

Spotify sidles up to publishers and Peter Thiel wants to give Airbnb the Midas touch.

 Rumor Roundup: The Worlds Most Cheapskate VC and 57 Is Spotifys Unlucky NumberI’ll Take Stingy for $5, Alex We’ve heard of venture capitalists who drive a hard bargain when it comes to their term sheets, but not so much when they drive off Sand Hill Road. So we were dismayed to learn that a VC at a very prominent 36-year-old venture capital firm asked the non-profit(!) meetup group Hacks/Hackers, which brings together journalists and technologists, to waive a $5 attendance fee for an event. To put that number in context: the firm has more than $400 million under management.

Hacks/Hackers has a very welcoming attendance policy and routinely waives fees for students so that no one gets shut out. But if your portfolio’s aggregate revenue teeters up into the billions, just pry your hands off the fiver, dude.

App Maker, App Maker, Build Me an App “Did you know Spotify only has 53 apps?” a tipster wrote in Betabeat earlier this week. We had not. But considering how quickly third-party apps helped grow sites like Twitter and Facebook, it didn’t seem like a good sign. That might be why the tipster reported that Spotify is asking big publishers to help them get saturation. Perhaps the meetings went well. At last count, Spotify’s app store is now up to 57.

Scobleized After that phreakin Pheed Forbes piece was passed around, prolific blogger and “technology evangelist” Robert Scoble decided it was time to sign himself up for the new social network, which has gained popularity with celebs like Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton and purports to rival Twitter. “Great, another social network. Yes I Pheed,” he tweeted, almost like a humblebrag, along with a link to his Pheed feed. But the new site didn’t seem to live up to the Scobleizer’s exacting standards. “I am on Pheed but so far I prefer Facebook,” he wrote on his Pheed. ” Personally it is Twitter’s fault that this was born. Twitter refuses to innovate. Lists, there, suck, for instance. It is why I moved much of my time to Facebook. Anyway, now I can say I Pheed too!”

Power tweeter and Radar writer Alex Howard (a.k.a. @digiphile) took Mr. Scoble to task for his impolite introduction. “You came here just to say you prefer other places and that Twitter features ‘suck?’ Ouch. Wonder how people here will interpret that introduction. :)” Hey, it wouldn’t be an early social network if the tech elite weren’t arguing on–and about–it.

Thiel Treasure Facebook and Paypal investor Peter Thiel is apparently having investment discussions with Airbnb. If all goes well, a $150 million or so investment from Mr. Thiel would make Airbnb very valuable, to the tune of $2.5 billion. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the Wall Street Journal reports details of the deal are still up in the air, but Airbnb investors Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital are still on board for the second round as well. Now if only we could convince Mr. Thiel to list his mansion on Airbnb…

Sing Me to Sleep Gizmodo blogger Sam Biddle shared an earnest college memory with his devoted Twitter followers. “You’re my favorite TV channel, no lie,” he tweeted at MTV Jams, a hip hop music video channel from MTV. “I spent a sad amount of time watching MTVJ in my apt. senior year.” Perhaps Mr. Biddle should consider becoming a Rap Genius site member?

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