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FYI, Pandora’s Extensive Catalog Now Includes Hits From 50 Shades of Grey

Music to spank to.

Does it ever seem like Pandora’s sourcing is a little… off? You’ll hear a golden oldie, only to look and see it’s been pulled from some random soundtrack to a forgotten, shitty movie. “That’s weird,” you’ll think, before diving back into your workday.

Well, the trend appears to have reached ludicrous new heights. Spotted today, by romance book blogger Sarah Wendell:

screen shot 2012 10 10 at 12 51 27 pm FYI, Pandoras Extensive Catalog Now Includes Hits From 50 Shades of Grey

Get your freak on. (Photo:

That’s right: Bach’s Cantata No. 147 is now endorsed by 50 Shades of Grey¬†author E.L. James. What, you just assumed sex dungeons all played heavy metal? Shame on you for your stereotyping.

Ms. Wendell added, “I will say this, I find the performance of this piece sloppy and melodramatic. Perhaps that is fitting.” Perhaps!

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