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Nuanced Lyricist Fat Joe Pens Inevitable Chart-Topper, ‘Instagram That Hoe’

A real crowd-pleaser.
 Nuanced Lyricist Fat Joe Pens Inevitable Chart Topper, Instagram That Hoe

#nofilter (Photo: Eurweb)

It was only a matter of time before Instagram, the popular photo sharing app purchased by Facebook for $1 billion, was forever immortalized in pop culture through song. Corpulent rapper Fat Joe has finally released the tune we’ve all been waiting for, delicately titled “Instagram That Hoe.”

“Instagram that hoe,” he sweetly croons, entrancing people everywhere with his honey-sweet voice and innovative diction:

Instagram that jet (jet), Instagram these kicks (kicks)
Bouve on my wrist, Instagram that bitch
Instagram that track (track), Instagram these racks (racks)
Fell up off that balcony ass, so fetch your bounce right back
I got hoes off of my roader, bracelet all on my ankle
Fuck parole and strip a pole, I love them hoes to their ankle
Instagram that hoe (hoe), Instagram her mama
Instagram that bitch on the top of the whip while she giving me knowledge

We humbly suggest that this musical masterpiece be named the theme song of Rich Kids of Instagram, stat.

(h/t The Daily Dot)

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