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Honey Boo Boo Wins Big at Last Night’s Hallowmeme Party

A bunch of Psys went totally "Gangam Style" too.
 Honey Boo Boo Wins Big at Last Nights Hallowmeme Party

The night’s winner (Photo: Instagram)

Attending Hallowmeme is like starring in a Disney Channel original movie in which you’re the main character who fell into your computer screen: It’s every Internet k-hole you’ve ever experenced come to life. Which sounds scary, but it’s actually pretty fun.

The party was at Brooklyn’s Bell House, put on by Forced Meme Productions (with an assist from Tumblr and Giant Media). This was the event’s fourth year, and co-creator Lindsey Weber told the crowd it was the biggest yet and the Hallomeme of her wildest dreams.

A fabulously accurate Honey Boo Boo took home the top prize in the costume contest. Our favorite costume of the night was definitely Tumblr employee Mackenzie Kosut‘s interactive Pinterest costume. He carried around a label-maker and a polaroid camera and built his board throughout the party. It was better than any Mormon housewife could’ve hoped for. Naturally, the pictures he took were automatically uploaded to a Tumblr called I Only Use Pinterest As A Costume.

Evan Gregory, one of the Youtube-auto-tuning geniuses that make up the Gregory Brothers, hosted the night’s “Gangnam Style” dance off. There were a couple Psys that made it on stage, but the dance battle was won by someone dressed as Psy’s yellow-suited friend.

There were a surprisingly large number of attendees dressed up as breading cats–a not-so-popular meme that apparently has a dedicated following. Most people trying to be Ridiculously Photogenic Guy lapsed into the sluggish awkwardness of a QWOP runner when they tried to dance. This reporter showed up wearing the night’s most popular costume: Fitness Paul Ryan.

 Honey Boo Boo Wins Big at Last Nights Hallowmeme Party

Photo: Instagram

But if you dress up like the Internet riff that’s been done to death, doesn’t that make your costume the meme-iest?


  1. Jax says:

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