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Creepshots Reemerges Under the Guise of a ‘Fashion Police’ Subreddit

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screen shot 2012 10 16 at 5 40 13 pm Creepshots Reemerges Under the Guise of a Fashion Police Subreddit

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The creeps just can’t be held down. Jezebel reports that the subreddit Creepshots–which has been at the forefront of controversy recently and helped spur a war between Gawker Media and Reddit–is back in action.

The original Creepshots subreddit was banned by Reddit administrators last week, along with “Creepsquad,” a new subreddit which had popped up to collect Creepshots refugees. In an attempt to retaliate against Jezebel for posting the original feature about Creepshots, Creepsquad posted a photo of Jezebel writer Katie J.M. Baker to its front page.

Reddit general manager Erik Martin confirmed to Betabeat that Creepsquad was banned by Reddit administrators, but did not elaborate as to why. Typically, subreddits are only banned if they break one of Reddit’s five rules.

Having been ousted from Creepshots and Creepsquad, Redditors are now collecting in r/Cshots and r/CandidFashionPolice, invoking the term “candid” to justify the photos posted in these forums without the consent of the women featured in them.

r/Cshots is moderated by the same cast of characters who haunted the other creepshots subreddits, including Potato_in_my_anus, who was banned after Reddit’s community manager found that he had created a subreddit “that disregarded the rules of reddit regarding sexualizing teens/minors.”

r/Cshots takes swing at what it perceives as Reddit’s hypocrisy for allowing sites like r/ladyboners–where users post photos of (primarily famous and consenting) men–to exist while shutting down Creepshots. It also purports to be a site for lesbians to look at photos of women, most likely as a way to stifle cries of “sexism” that have been lobbed at Creepshots in the past. Its moderators have adopted titles such as “Women’s Shelter Employee,” in a brazen attempt to keep it classy.

The Cshots sidebar reads:

You may be wondering what constitutes candid. If a person is posing for and/or aware that a picture is being taken, then it ceases to be candid. A candid photograph captures the natural, raw beauty of the subject without their vain attempts at putting on a show for the camera. That is the essence of candid, that is what makes it worth the effort of taking the photograph and that is why this subreddit exists. This is a place for lesbians to appreciate attractive, beautiful and gorgeous women.

The adoption of a lesbian slant is new to r/cshots. When Betabeat first stumbled upon the subreddit in the wake of the Creepshots fiasco, it did not to purport to be for lesbians.

r/CandidFashionPolice is in the same vein. “In this subreddit people post candid photos of women and then we judge their fashion choices similar to TLC’s what not to wear,” reads its sidebar. “That’s it, we don’t judge women’s bodies, JUST THEIR FASHION CHOICES.” Photos taken of women without their consent are coupled with headlines that follow the subreddit’s number one rule: “Please speak like a sassy Diva when commenting or posting.”

As Jezebel points out, many of the photos posted to r/CandidFashionPolice also appear in Cshots.

We’ve reached out to Reddit general manager Erik Martin to ask whether, like Creepshots and Creepsquad, Reddit plans to ban CandidFashionPolice and Cshots. We’ll update when we hear back.


Reddit has now banned r/Cshots, but r/CandidFashionPolice is still up.

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