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‘Charlie Bit Me’ Kids Getting Their Own Web Show Even Though It’s No Longer 2007

Finally someone is recognizing their innumerable talents.
screen shot 2012 10 08 at 1 12 13 pm Charlie Bit Me Kids Getting Their Own Web Show Even Though Its No Longer 2007

(Photo: YouTube)

Viral Spiral, a company that connects viral video creators with brands and agencies, announced today that it has teamed up with video distribution platform Rightster to produce an original series featuring the kids from the YouTube sensation “Charlie Bit Me!” The partnership marks the launch of Viral Studios, which will seek to create and promote new digital content tailored for an Internet audience.

Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr unwittingly became the subjects of the most-viewed YouTube video (that isn’t a professional music video) of all time when they were just 3 years old and 1 year old, respectively. Charlie’s impressive finger-biting powers and Harry’s pitch-perfect whine have catapulted the duo into well-deserved international stardom, proving once and for all that kids with British accents are just that much cuter than American children.

The Davies-Carr parents wasted no time turning this 56-second clip into a fantastic opportunity for family stardom. Their YouTube channel is branded with a creepy Photoshop logo of Charlie biting Harry, and they even have an iPhone app.

“The intention is to create new formats including one called Kings Of YouTube, which will see the boys watching and reviewing new viral videos as they break,” Viral Spiral CEO Damien Collier told PaidContent.

That sounds quite similar to “Kids React to Viral Videos” series, albeit with a star-studded cast.

“There are 3 series. Mix of comedy and reviews,” Rightster CEO Charlie Muirhead clarified to Betabeat.

Jeez, everyone’s a critic these days.

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