Cast Member of Randi Zuckerberg’s Bravo Show Just Got Hired by Facebook

Parlaying an offer from Google into a counter-offer from Facebook? Sounds like a reality star already.
 Cast Member of Randi Zuckerbergs Bravo Show Just Got Hired by Facebook

Mr. Crow

Carsabi, a comparison shopping site for cars that graduated from Y Combinator this March, just announced that its cofounders would be joining Mark Zuckerberg to “help Facebook users connect and share.” Facebook isn’t actually acquiring Carsabi, just the talent. “We’re looking for someone to buy the Carsabi service, so the two of us can focus on our new jobs,” cofounders Dwight Crow and Christopher Berner wrote on the company blog.

TechCrunch reports that features baked into Carsabi–including a social element that lets you ask friends for shopping advice and the startup’s ability to crawl all available car listings–make the duo a natural fit to help develop Facebook Gifts or Events. However, we hear that Carsabi first got an offer from Google (another natural fit!) and then parlayed that into a counteroffer from Facebook.

It’s no Teresa vs. Melissa, but some of the inner workings of that deal might be covered in Randi Zuckerberg’s upcoming Bravo show, “Silicon Valley Start-ups,” where Mr. Crow’s blond visage can be seen horrifying self-appointed moralists starting Monday, November 5th. Will the rest of the cast, which just lost two tentative members, come out of the Bravo’s Real-i-Tron smelling as sweet?

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