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Anna Kendrick Admits She’s a Redditor on Letterman

Her viral performance deserves some upvotes
annakendrickreddit Anna Kendrick Admits Shes a Redditor on Letterman


Academy Award-nominated actress Anna Kendrick was on The Late Show last night to promote her new movie, Pitch Perfect. The movie, about an undergraduate a capella group, features a scene in which Ms. Kendrick sings a rendition of the extremely viral “You’re Gonna Miss Me,” better known as “the cups song.” She explained that she learned the song and dance long before she ever got the part–after she saw the video on Reddit.

Ms. Kendrick didn’t say whether she is a Ron Paul supporter or communicates in rage comics.

Redditors reactions to the video have been pretty conventional: one simply just said “boobs,” while another asked, “How do I have sex with her?

The real fans of Ms. Kendrick hang out at the subreddit r/AnnaKendrick, which is apparently something that exists. As of right now, the subreddit has 742 subscribers, but now that she’s come out of the Reddit closet, one can only imagine what will happen.