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Windows 8 is Cool, You Guys: Just Ask this Microsoft Pop Up Shop

Coming to the Time Warner Center this holiday season.
 Windows 8 is Cool, You Guys: Just Ask this Microsoft Pop Up Shop

(Photo: Wikipedia)

Apple is known for its sleek, modern stores with glistening white walls and futuristic gadgets adorning smooth tables. There are Apple stores all over Manhattan that serve as gleaming advertisements for  a dreamy future. But what of Microsoft? With no gadget palaces in Manhattan to speak of, they’re resorting to a more temporary approach: opening a pop up shop over the holidays at the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle.

According to Crain’s:

The store will be one of 30 such holiday shops throughout North America….While such an opening might have elicited yawns in mot years, this year Microsoft should have an ace up its sleeve by the end of October. That’s when the software company is expected to unveil its new Windows 8 operating system.

The pop up shop could also serve as a fertile testing ground for whether or not a dedicated Microsoft store would do well in Manhattan. The company already has a handful of year-round stores open in New Jersey, so feel free to insert a joke here about Microsoft and New Jersey both paling in comparison to their competitors, Apple and New York.

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