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What Happens When You Taunt 4chan: the Story of Lacey Vicich

The new Jessi Slaughter?

 What Happens When You Taunt 4chan: the Story of Lacey Vicich

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You may remember Jessi Slaughter, the outgoing Florida teenager whose attention-seeking YouTube videos earned her the scorn and mass rage of the 4chan army. An intense online battle ensued between Ms. Slaughter and 4chan; her family famously got involved, with that now-notorious video of her father shouting “Ya dun goof’d,” which became a meme in itself. Now, it looks like 4chan is going after another woman who has dared to challenge them. Her name is Lacey Vicich.

“Two years ago, there was a girl names Jessi Slaughter,” reads an anonymous email sent by “the Cyber Police” that landed in Betabeat’s inbox today. “People brought that girl to tears, but we intend to bring Lacey Vicich to her knees.”

A few weeks ago, a small, lithe brunette named Lacey posted a photo of herself to 4chan’s /b/ board, saying that if a poster turned up “69” as the last two numbers of their poster ID, she’d show a NSFW part of her body. When a poster with 69 in his ID did turn up, the girl posted another photo of herself, this time holding up a note that said she wouldn’t follow through and instead had trolled everyone on /b/. “Maybe next time you fags should show a woman respect,” read the note she was holding, posed next to a picture of her giving the finger to the camera. The sign also linked to her page on My Girl Fund, a password-protected porn site that has since been taken down.

The 4chan army was not amused. Amid further photo taunts from Ms. Vicich and her fiancé, 4chan decided to dox her. A day after her post, “Operation: Lacey Vicich is a Whore” was posted to YouTube. According to the email from the Cyber Police, they downloaded the porn videos she’d recorded with her boyfriend and hosted them for free elsewhere. They sent her nude photos to her college classmates, and when they realized she’d transferred schools, they sent photos to those students, too.

In a cached thread on chanarchive, users revealed personal information for Ms. Vicich, including the name and address of her family, her student enrollment information at Florida Gulf Coast University, even her car insurance information—a screenshot of which the Cyber Police provided Betabeat. The Cyber Police also claim both Ms. Vicich and her father’s email addresses had been hacked, providing Betabeat with a screenshot that allegedly shows the inbox of her father’s account.

4chan users also found out the restaurant where she worked, inundating it with a flurry of harassing phone calls that allegedly led to Ms. Vicich being fired. When it was revealed that her brother had passed away, users attempted to find out where he’d been buried. “My bro and I live in north port, fl and we are going to try to go to her dead brothers gravestone and fuck shit up,” wrote one anonymous user on the chan archive thread.

Despite all this, the Cyber Police claims they’re nowhere near done with Ms. Vicich. “We have no plans to stop,” read the email. “Lacey has yet to feel the true consequences of what we have in store. She may be afraid now, but truly, she doesn’t know fear. This is just the beginning.”

It’s hard to say why Ms. Vicich taunted /b/ in the first place. She claimed to be an old-school user of /b/, so she must have known what was in store for her once she began mocking them and telling them they could never properly dox her. Maybe she just wanted a few new viewers for her porn channel or didn’t realize how angry her comments would make /b/. And perhaps /b/ is growing a little sensitive about its place on the Internet; just a few months ago, Gawker declared that 4chan’s moment in the sun was finally over. But once activated, the wrath of 4chan follows a predictable course, and they seem intent to make Ms. Vicich the new Jessi Slaughter.

The Cyber Police claims that the last call made to Ms. Vicich before she changed her number “revealed that this was beginning to take it’s [sic] toll on her.”

“She said, ‘Just stop it,’ and started to sniffle,” read the email.

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