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Was Obama’s iPad User ID Among the 1 Million Leaked by Antisec?

Next up we'd like to know the President's Angry Birds usage data

obamaudid Was Obamas iPad User ID Among the 1 Million Leaked by Antisec?Via Cult of Mac, we’ve learned that President Barack Obama’s iPad UDID (special set of characters unique to each Apple product user) may be among the million UDIDs posted online by Antisec on September 3rd. Cult of Mac refers readers to PasteHTML and a database search result there that appears to support the claim. The device in question is an iPad and is named “hobamain.”

PasteHTML states that the number of UDIDs leaked from the hack is 985,117. If you are concerned your own UDID is in that batch of data you can use this tutorial to find it.

We have contacted the Obama campaign for comment regarding this claim and will update if we receive a response.

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