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Unluckiest Man in the World Sent to Jail for Sexting His Entire Address Book

Damn you, BlackBerry!
 Unluckiest Man in the World Sent to Jail for Sexting His Entire Address Book

Whatcha got there? ;) (Photo: Lionsdenu)

It’s the stuff nightmares are made of. You finally wrack up the nerve to send that sultry message to your lover via text, only to discover that you accidentally sent it to everyone in your address book. For 24-year-old swimming teacher Craig Evans, this wasn’t a nightmare–it actually happened. Unluckiest dude ever?

According to the Daily Mail (so, grain of salt), Mr. Evans had recently gotten a new BlackBerry, and its UI was so janky and confusing that when he went to send a really disgusting and not at all hot message about “skin on skin” sex to his girlfriend, he accidentally broadcast it to all of his contacts–including his family.

What would be the most embarrassing incident of his young life eventually morphed into something much worse. Mr. Evans had two underaged schoolgirls on his contact list, and they also received the lascivious message. As a result, Mr. Evans spent three months of his 18 month sentence in jail before his lawyers could repeal the conviction, which occurred this week. Luckily for him, when the court learned that he’s just a hapless, tech-impaired BlackBerry user, they agreed to set Mr. Evans free.

But now he will forever be known as the man who was “evidently misguided in the use of his BlackBerry.” Chump move, bro.

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