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Look At This Fucking Startup

Startup Runoff.
 Look At This Fucking Startup

Substitute a Samsung Galaxy S and a Lost Tribe micro-brew and you’re good to go. (Photo:

Back in May, when Brooklyn’s hipster Northside Festival announced it would devote two days to the borough’s new creative class, CEO Scott Steadman explained it thusly, “A few years back, people would be graduating college and launching bands and today we feel as often one roommate will be launching a band and the other will be launching a new app or a new website.”

But without a Startup Carles, there was no one to question how alt-coder bros could stay “authentic” “disruptive” within their “personal [company] brand.” Thankfully, one intrepid anthropologist has drawn out the similarities between the two self-stylized tribes, both driven by their ability to adopt the next big thing before anyone else.

Motivated by a snide comment from “a startup friend” about how Prezi–the cloud-based presentation software–being “so two months ago,” Leo Burnett analyst Elisabeth Fosslien took a look at categories like “Idea Storage” (Moleskine vs. Trello) and “Pomodoro” (salad ingredient vs. technique) to find out where startups and hipsters overlapped and where they diverged.

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Don’t take the stereotypes too personally, Ms. Fosslien urges. After all, every alt-bro is insufferable in their own special way.

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