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The Pakistan Cyber Army May Be Coming For Your Small Business Website

It's a bad time to be one of the Boobish People.
pakcyberarmy The Pakistan Cyber Army May Be Coming For Your Small Business Website

Screengrab from a site defaced by Sizzling Soul.

Protests against anti-Muslim “film” Innocence of Muslims have been violent and continue in several countries, but they have not yet exploded into sustained military conflict. However, religiously motivated hackers are waging active war online. While DDoS (Directed Denial of Service) hits against large, well-known sites owned by financial instutions may have been sponsored by Iran, independent Muslim hackers appear to be targeting a slew of small websites with wickedly effective full-blown hacks and defacements.

A hacker calling himself Sizzling Soul and claiming membership in a hacker collective dubbed the Pakistan Cyber Army has taken down more than 80 sites in the name of the Prophet. Many of of those sites remain under his control and are displaying his message:

100 %
Attempting Bypass…
Code broken!
A message for Boobish People:
Dont Try To Insult Our PROPHET (P.B.U.H)
Why You People Always Try To Attack Our Religion?
You Made An Insulting Movie Of PROPHET(P.B.U.H)”
This Is Totally Insane,.
You Are Provoking The Anger Of PeaceFull Muslims!
Stop This
Otherwise You WOn’t Be Able To Stop Us
This Is Just A Warning For You….
If You Don’t Stop,Next Attack Will Destroy Yours Whole Cyber Space
If You Want Some Then Come And Get Some…

As HackRead notes, most of Sizzling Soul’s victims are “small and local businesses, such as banks, chemical factories” as well as pages related to gaming and the auto industry.

Sizzling Soul has listed his hits on Pastebin. We could joke about the hacker choosing easy targets, but going after so many small establishments could add up to a minor but noticeable hit on multiple local economies.

Sizzling Soul isn’t the only cyber attacker working this angle. A hacker with the handle Rude_Thunder has slammed over 100 sites and posted his own list on Pastebin, stating the web pages were “defaced for insulting the holy Prophet.”

Since Google will not completely remove Innocence of Muslims from the web, we suspect you should just change your passwords now and hang on for more bumpy rides to come, Boobish People.

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