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Rumor Roundup: Apple Aggressively Recruits Devs to Fix Maps, Jake Lodwick’s Office Ball Pool

David Karp votes for the first-time ever and Harper Reed swears for Obama.

photo 11 Rumor Roundup: Apple Aggressively Recruits Devs to Fix Maps, Jake Lodwicks Office Ball PoolIt’s a gloomy, rainy Friday in New York, but we’re about to serve you a piping hot bowl of gossip. Bon appetit!

Map-maker, Map-maker, Build Me a Map! If Tim Cook‘s mea culpa wasn’t enough to demonstrate how hard Apple is scrambling to fix its iOS 6 mapocalypse, then how about its last ditch recruiting techniques to find Ruby developers? Mojo Talantikite, a cluster engineer at Engine Yard in New York City, said he (and a number of his technically talented friends) have been hit up by Apple recruiters recently.

“I don’t think it’s too out of the ordinary for a company to scramble to soak up talent once they figure out their product is deficient,” he told Betabeat by email. “But considering that the beta of Apple Maps was terrible three months ago, you’d think they would have started the aggressive recruitment phase then,” he said, adding, “It’s pretty easy to realize they are in put out the fire mode.”

The recruiter’s LinkedIn inquiry mentions “Maps” specifically:

“We are looking for a passionate Ruby coder to have a HUGE impact our Maps, Flyover, Geo and Siri teams in iOS. I’ve read about your work on Heroku’s infrastructure. Is it a good time for you to chat?”

Noted Mr. Talantikite, “I’ve never worked on Heroku’s infrastructure, although a ton of my former Engine Yard teammates are at Heroku, so I’m not sure where they got that from ;)” We guess fire-fighting doesn’t leave much time to do your homework.

Little Davey’s All Growns Up! Tumblr founder David Karp confessed to a civic sin on his Tumblr. The 26-year-old will cast a ballot for the first time this November, inspired by Tumblr’s run in with SOPA and PIPA.

I’ve made plenty of excuses over the years — usually that I don’t have stamps — but I’m getting my shit together.

Our brush with the political process kicked me into gear this year. It was empowering and enlightening to fight alongside politicians that, in fact, represented us.

Three cheers to getting one’s shit together!

My, What Colorful Balls You Have Startup perks tend to veer toward the infantile. Between the snacks, slides, and nap pods, managers might as well try to wipe your nose when you sneeze. But newly-married Elepath founder Jakob Lodwick actually committed, procuring the ball pool of your childhood dreams for Elepath’s San Francisco “studio.” At least that’s what we thought based on his recent Instagram offering. However, on closer inspection, an antimated gif from Elepath’s blog reveals the ball pool is less Chuck E. Cheese and more kiddie pool. Things on the Internet, it seems, may be smaller than they appear.

Cussing For a Cause Last week Tech4Obama hosted an evening in New York with serial entrepreneur and current CTO for Obama for America Harper Reed. Next to the guest list–heavily studded with Silicon Alley stalwarts like Soraya Darabi, Rachel Sklar, and Betaworks’ Andrew McLaughlin and investor Pedro Torres Picon–the invitation loudly warned “THIS EVENT IS CLOSED TO PRESS.” Now we know why. Apparently the bearded Mr. Reed has quite the mouth on him. But doesn’t he know reporters love that shit?

Colorblind We’re still not really sure what Color was launched to do, but it got $40 million in funding to do it. The app subsequently became the archetypal overfunded startup representing tech’s hype bubble (even inspiring a fake pitch deck!). Color treaded in the wave pool for a bit before pivoting to a new idea altogether.

Now, TechCrunch reports that Color may be experiencing an executive level shakeup, with sources saying CEO Bill Nguyen will be taking a step back from from day-to-day operations at the flailing company. In his stead, an “executive committee” has been assembled to take over his responsibilities.

Mr. Nguyen apparently hasn’t shown up to the office in two months, leading sources to conjecture that he’s “probably either in Tahoe or Hawaii.” (Ugh.) An ominous Quora post from January of this year wondered why Color had shuttered its Palo Alto office, but CNET journalist Casey Newton responded that the company said they’d “hung some paper up to cover its windows while they do some work inside.” Hmm, engineers do have some weird working habits.

Of course, a question about why Mr. Nguyen left Color immediately cropped up on Quora and was quickly answered with a cringe-worthy response. “After the disastrous pivot from the initial (fairly brilliant, but poorly implemented) photo sharing concept, it was really only a matter of ‘Nguyen, not if’.


Digging K-Pop Looks like Digg cofounder Kevin Rose is officially a fan of the “Gangnam Style” hype. Mr. Rose posted a photo on his Instagram of a little bobble head Psy doing the infamous horse dance, sharing a photo of his Psy laptop decal shortly after. Try to ignore the awkward comment about “open condom style,” below.

screenshot 2012 09 28 14 47 01 Rumor Roundup: Apple Aggressively Recruits Devs to Fix Maps, Jake Lodwicks Office Ball Pool

(Photo: Instagram)

Business Tattler Henry Blodget proudly outed Verge’s editor-in-chief today, tweeting, “Josh Topolsky reads Business Insider!” But the real question is: does he hate read it?

screen shot 2012 09 28 at 4 48 17 pm Rumor Roundup: Apple Aggressively Recruits Devs to Fix Maps, Jake Lodwicks Office Ball Pool

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