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Rumor Roundup: Bravo Cuts Two from Zuckerberg’s Show, Tumblr’s Fine Young Cannibals

Oh, what you hear with your ear to the ground!
screen shot 2012 09 21 at 6 55 30 pm Rumor Roundup: Bravo Cuts Two from Zuckerbergs Show, Tumblrs Fine Young Cannibals

Mr. Lovingood (Photo: Bravo TV)

You didn’t think we’d forgotten, did you? It’s Friday afternoon, which means it’s Rumor Roundup time!

One Day You’re In, Next Day You’re Out Randi Zuckerberg’s Bravo reality show finally has a (disappointly un-innovative) name–“Silicon Valley Start-Ups”–although we assume the shenanigans will make up for it. According to a press release, the hour-long show will premiere Monday November 5th at 10 p.m. EST, so set your DVRs or prep your voodoo dolls, depending.

This part got left out of the release, but we hear the show will launch sans two reported cast members: Marcus Lovingood and Jay Holanda, although both gentleman will appear as sub-characters.

If you’ve been wondering why you’re seeing so many LOLCats on Bravo in between the screeching ladies of leisure–Did Andy Cohen just discover there’s an Internet beyond Twitter??–the press release also mentions the premiere of LOLwork, set at the offices and due to test whether the Cat Pics = Traffic formula works as well on TV.

Speaking of screeching–in this case, Bravo has Sarah Lacy’s approval.

Fine Young Cannibals On his mirco-blog, Tumblr editor-in-chief Chris Mohney revealed that the entire office, excluding him, started a juice cleanse today.

Not your correspondent of course as I’m a lost cause cleansewise, but whoever of that persuasion survives the weekend will show up monday morning crazed and belligerent, shot through with explosive episodes of the whooping dropsy. Next week should be interesting expexially when you factor in Yom Kippur’s nutritional denial, so let’s peg it at 72% chance of autocannibalism by Wednesday and that’s Nat Daddy’s official projection on the subject going into the otherwise temperate weekend, drive carefully now.

If this counts as a thinspo post, we are so reporting you to Tumblr!

Cyber-Bullying Who’s giving startups a hard time? That’s what we want to know, as per this opaque, exasperated tweet from Texts From Last Night founder Lauren Leto, who shut down Bnters and took on the general manager role at Findings, a Betaworks startup, in May:

Based on another recent tweet, however, one of Ms. Leto’s followers did a little process of elimination.

Having perused Ms. Leto’s winsome new book, Judging a Book By Its Lover, we are sorry to report it does not contain the answer to this particular mystery.

The Reality Distortion Field Reaches Los Angeles Even the youngest Kardashian kares about keeping up with technology.

screenshot 2012 09 21 18 44 54 Rumor Roundup: Bravo Cuts Two from Zuckerbergs Show, Tumblrs Fine Young Cannibals

Reverse-Reverse Sexism Still wondering what $50 and an membership will get you (besides a word cloud of Twitter references)? Well, former GroupMe employee Matt Langer reports that the social network is “where you go to bro down with your /r/MensRights bros,” like Favstar founder Tim Haines. However, no one with $50 has agreed to support Mr. Haines’ cause.

screen shot 2012 09 21 at 6 38 23 pm Rumor Roundup: Bravo Cuts Two from Zuckerbergs Show, Tumblrs Fine Young Cannibals

Wedding bells On the mergers front, we hear that serial cofounder and investor Zack Klein recently married girlfriend Courtney Lewis, a partner at Hard Candy Shell. The pair booked “all of Aurora” earlier this week and issued an open invite via Twitter, in order to celebrate in style. To make everything ultra-official, the new Mrs. Klein has even rechristened her Twitter handle. Much luck and many Goodfellas-style envelopes of cash to the two lovebirds.

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