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Quirky Joins Forces With Fab To Rush Apple Accessories to Market

Ready, set...
 Quirky Joins Forces With Fab To Rush Apple Accessories to Market

United at last. (Photo: Quirky Blog)

Quirky isn’t resting on the laurels of that recently announced $68 million series C. Apparently hellbent on setting a new land-speed record for collaborative product development, the company is partnering with Fab.com to bring a brand-new line of Apple accessories to market by roughly the time the latest devices ship later this month.

Hold on to your hats and synchronize your watches, tinkerers, because it’s going to be a crazy 48 hours.

Anyone interested in participating has until tomorrow afternoon to submit ideas (for free) to a new Apple Accessories section of Quirky’s site. Submissions will be evaluated at 7p.m. EST to determine which inventors proceed to the next stage, a design workshop with “Quirky designers and members collaborating round-the-clock to design and refine each invention pick into a final Quirky product.”

So a hackathon, basically.

On Saturday, CEO (and onetime Apple accessories entrepreneur) Ben Kaufman will take whatever’s developed to Quirky’s factories, which’ll churn out a final product for sale on Fab.

We assume that, on Sunday, Quirky’s community of creators will rest.

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