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‘Operation Ababil': Muslim Cyber Fighters Return, Take Down Wells Fargo’s Website

Social media reports indicate wellsfargo.com has been down for most of the day.
ezeldinqassam Operation Ababil: Muslim Cyber Fighters Return, Take Down Wells Fargos Website

Muslim cleric Izz ad-Din al-Qassam (Wikimedia)

The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters have returned with a new declaration published on Pastebin and a new set of targets. If you park your money with Wells Fargo and can’t reach the bank’s website, you apparently can blame the hackers and their Operation Ababil.

The group’s Pastebin post renewed their call for the anti-Muslim video Innocence of Muslims to be removed from the web. They also refuted allegations their actions have been state-sponsored by Iran, stating that they “strongly reject the American officials’ insidious attempts to deceive public opinion.”

The Cyber Fighters went on to give a timetable for their attacks and urged others to join the fight:

We shall attack for 8 hours daily, starting at 2:30 PM GMT, every day. We repeat again the attacks will continue for sure till the removal of that sacrilegious movie.

We invite all cyberspace workers to join us in this Proper Act. If America’s arrogant government do not submit, the attack will be large and larger and will include other evil countries like Israel, French and U.Kingdom indeed.

Several large financial institutions can expect to go the way of WellsFargo.com, which was timing out for users accessing the page from multiple locations on Tuesday afternoon.

The bank acknowledged the problem and posted the following on its Twitter account around 4 p.m. ET:

Muslim Cyber Fighters say they will also target the following:

Wednesday 9/26/2012 : attack to U.S. Bank site, http://www.usbank.com
Thursday 9/27/2012 : attack to PNC site, http://www.pnc.com

Past cyber-attacks for which this group claims responsibility struck Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase.

While the problems for the larger banks were intermittent, the Wells Fargo attack seems to have been the most effective so far, indicating the group may be improving their methods.

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