New Yorker Cartoon Page Temporarily Banned by Facebook Because Nipples

A nip slip up.
 <em>New Yorker</em> Cartoon Page Temporarily Banned by Facebook Because Nipples

The titillating cartoon in question. (Photo: Mick Stevens, The New Yorker)

Despite what those skimpy bikini pics in your news feed might indicate, Facebook has really been cracking down on nudity recently. Even camel toes are inappropriate now! But what about cartoon imagery? Surely line-drawn naked bodies are art, are they not?

Actually…not. Turns out Facebook has become so prudish that they temporarily banned the New Yorker’s official page because one of its cartoons was deemed too racy.

According to The New Yorker, they were banned from Facebook for posting a Mick Stevens cartoon that depicts a naked Adam and Eve with their nipples–just two sets of plain black dots–showing. But even naked biblical characters or artistically rendered depictions of female nipples (male nipples are A-O.K.) are against Facebook’s rules.

New Yorker Facebook commenters are rightly outraged: “Women have boobs. Boobs have nipples. Grow up and move on!” wrote one named Ben Mixter.

Ross Thompson had another explanation. “It’s all because Mark Zuckerberg had so much trouble getting laid in college,” he wrote. “Everything Facebook has done since then flows from that.”

Hmm, maybe he’s on to something–Aaron Sorkin, is that you?

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