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Taxi TVs Will Soon Let You Know if Your Cab Driver is Scamming You

Yay, an actually useful thing for taxi tvs to do.
 Taxi TVs Will Soon Let You Know if Your Cab Driver is Scamming You

(Photo: Yellow Cab NYC)

Ever hop and a cab to get from A to B and feel like it ended up costing way more than it actually should have? Perhaps your driver is surreptitiously tacking on unfair charges to your bill, hoping you’re too stupid to notice. Luckily, that’s where the new taxi tvs come in.

Aside from running rah-rah programming about how many tech companies are hiring and that annoying On the Stoop show, some taxi TVs can now alert you to fare changes and additional charges your cabbie has added on.

According to the New York Post:

Taxi TVs in 6,610 cabs will be able to flash a message when a cabby dials up a toll charge — informing riders and instructing them to call 311 if the charge was added illegally. Existing alerts inform passengers when the meter is switched to more-expensive out-of-town fare pricing.

More than 1,500 cabs already have already been outfitted with the warning system, with the remainder of city cabs getting them soon.

Sadly, they still won’t be able to track whether your cab driver is purposefully taking a roundabout route just to jack up your fare. Disrupt crooked cabbies!

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