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New NYPD Social Media Guidelines Say It’s O.K. to Use Fake Facebook Profiles to Monitor Citizens

Who cares if it’s against Facebook’s TOS!
facebook police New NYPD Social Media Guidelines Say Its O.K. to Use Fake Facebook Profiles to Monitor Citizens

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If you received a new friend request recently, and it wasn’t from a foreign spammer or a Taliban official posing as a hot chick, there’s now a chance that it’s an NYPD officer. According to the New York Daily News, the NYPD recently instituted its first official guidelines for using social media to benefit investigations, and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has decided that spying on people using fake Facebook profiles is a-O.K. Consider it the online version of stop-and-frisk. Amurica!

Writes the Daily News:

The five-page memo issued by Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly last week says officers involved in probes involving social media may register their aliases with the department and use a department-issued laptop whose Internet-access card can’t be traced back to the NYPD.

Never mind the fact that using aliases on Facebook is actually against the company’s terms of service. Zuck can’t realize that dream of a true and open social web if people are going by fake names, now can he? But when it comes to nabbing criminals online, Facebook’s TOS has seemingly been tossed by the wayside. To the darknet, everyone!

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