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Nathan Fillion Stops Just Short of Couch-Jumping Over His iPhone 5

Sorry, Browncoats -- Captain Mal Reynolds is taken. (With his iPhone.)
screen shot 2012 09 27 at 1 11 21 pm Nathan Fillion Stops Just Short of Couch Jumping Over His iPhone 5

Basically singing an aria right now. (Photo: Screencap)

Nathan Fillion, hunky star of the beloved-but-taken-too-soon TV series Firefly (and also Castle, we suppose?) appeared on Conan last night. And it seems the main thing he could talk about was how much he loves his iPhone 5.  He loves his iPhone 5 more than you love your mother, spouse and/or labradoodle puppy.

And what’s more? That little bundle of chips and Gorilla glass surely loves him back. He gushed to host Conan O’Brien: “It’s pretty, it’s tiny and it’s light and it’s so smart and it loves me, obviously it loves me.”

Lest you leap to the conclusion that Mr. Fillion’s relationship with his Apple devices has been without its rough patches, he admitted to a period of unhappiness with Siri, whom he initially programmed to call him “Scout,” which got annoying. However, in the words of the great U2, love is blindness:

“She’s not always super accurate and sometimes she’s way off, but you know what? I commit to it. Send–whatever she says.”

Let’s hope he takes a slightly more skeptical approach to whatever he discovers on Apple Maps.

(h/t CNET)

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