Horrifying Steve Jobs Bobblehead Sculpture Wants to Beat You With an iPhone

Ghost Steve Jobs just heard about the Apple maps.
5253064 orig Horrifying Steve Jobs Bobblehead Sculpture Wants to Beat You With an iPhone

“Think Different” by XVALA (

It’s not every day that we find ourselves sympathetic to Apple’s attorneys but a weird bobblehead-like plastic sculpture of Steve Jobs, created by a sculptor with the deeply obnoxious handle XVALA (we suspect XVALA’s last name is CAPSLOCK), might just have us rooting for the legal eagles from Cupertino. Apple’s lawyers are famous for squashing attempts to co-opt or appropriate any aspect of the Apple brand, and this certainly qualifies.

As Slashgear reports, the sculpture is of Jobs in his trademark mock turtle and jeans wielding an iPhone and standing on Apple’s classic bitten apple logo.

As seen in photos it’s an almost comically creepy image but theĀ press release about the show featuring the sculpture claims the real twist is in the materials used to create the… thing:

Coated in an “Apple White finish,” the sculpture is cast in the artist’s patented plastic porcelain, mixed with a recycled resin made up of Steve Job’s residential trash which the artist collected from the tech icon’s home several months before his death.

XVALA’s motives for creating the sculpture will likely get more attention than the piece itself. In the press release from Cory Allen Contemporary Art, the artist says, “Either waiting in line or in an assembly line, Apple is to die for.”

XVALA also promises an upcoming series of pieces “coated in Apple Black” that will “serve as a motif for the past suicides at the Foxconn factories.”

The pieces will be part of a gallery show in Los Angeles on October 13.

It’s probably no surprise that XVALA calls the work “Think Different.”

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