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Here’s the First ‘Documentary’ Compiled Using Footage from a Bunch of Google Glasses

Shot at the Diane von Furstenberg fashion show.
 Heres the First Documentary Compiled Using Footage from a Bunch of Google Glasses

(Photo: Google+)

A few days ago we lamented that even the models strutting down the runway at Diane von Furstenberg’s fashion week show looked vaguely dorky in Google Glasses. Now, a video compiled from the footage taken by the models has been assembled and uploaded to YouTube. It’s the first official video made entirely from clips recorded by a slew of real Google Glasses prototypes.

Prior to this mini documentary, entitled “DVF: Through Glass,” there was a 15 second video recorded by one set of glasses worn by someone bouncing on a trampoline. And let’s not forget the exhilarating live skydiving demo at Google I/O. But this seems to be the first time a documentary has been recorded with the glasses by people outside the Google family.

Raw footage of Ms. von Furstenberg overlayed with funky music is spliced together with backstage images of employees prepping for the fashion show. The 3 minute 50 second video pulses with a voyeuristic undertone, the point-of-view shot giving it an almost otherworldly feeling, almost like you’re spying on someone. At one point, a model’s hair even begins to eclipse the frame. It’s both fascinating and unsettling.

“All the footage you see here was filmed using only Glass, Google’s latest technology that lets you capture moments from a unique, new perspective,” reads the video description. “See what happens when fashion and technology come together like you’ve never seen before.”

The best part was undoubtedly seeing through the eyes of models as they take to the runway. It was almost like we were there ourselves, minus the perilously tall and undoubtedly uncomfortable high heels.

Correction: A prior version of this article misstated that this was the first ever video shot with Google Glass. Our apologies to the Google nuts out there.

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