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Eric Schmidt Dances Gangnam Style, Makes Steve Ballmer Look Like a Delicate Ballerina

Is this just a way to distract us from the "Gangnam Style" YouTube conspiracy?
 Eric Schmidt Dances Gangnam Style, Makes Steve Ballmer Look Like a Delicate Ballerina

(Photo: Google Korea)

If you can set aside the bajillions of dollars you have and the fact that you’re treated like royalty wherever you go, being a Google chairman is just plain tough. The worst part of the gig isn’t grappling with privacy issues or patent suits, but instead having to play along with dumb and embarrassing publicity stunts.

Eric Schmidt came face-to-face with this horrifying reality on a recent trip to Google Korea. There, he was greeted by “Gangnam Style” singer Psy, who somehow convinced the Google chairman to do the horse-like dance, in front of a large audience, while being recorded.

The results are enough to make you thankful you were never the leader of the most-respected company in the free world: a pasty, bespectacled nerd in a suit, attempting to mimic the smooth stylings of a Korean pop star. Cringing yet?

Surprisingly enough, the video of the incident that was circulating the web has since been removed from YouTube. Perhaps Mr. Schmidt was unhappy with his performance? Luckily, one attendee caught another angle. It’s only 11 seconds long, but it gives you a good idea of just how awkward the whole thing was.

The incident is curious given earlier reports this week of YouTube conspiring to keep Psy’s hit off of the most-liked charts. Is this whole event just one big “Gangnam Style” cover up?

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