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Chinese Hackers Targeting Major Energy Companies

Similar hacking groups have targeted search giant Google as well.
chineseflag Chinese Hackers Targeting Major Energy Companies

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Telvent, which provides services that facilitate remote control and monitoring of large sections of the energy industry, may have recently fallen prey to Chinese hackers. While notifications about the Sept. 10 systems intrusion were distributed by Telvent Canada, Ltd., the cyber attack was “sophisticated” and targeted operations in the U.S. and Spain as well as Canada.

Security experts believe the culprits are a group of Chinese hackers who have attacked Western companies in the past.

Krebs on Security explains more about the hack:

Telvent said the attacker(s) installed malicious software and stole project files related to one of its core offerings — OASyS SCADA — a product that helps energy firms mesh older IT assets with more advanced “smart grid” technologies.

The firm said it was still investigating the incident, but that as a precautionary measure, it had disconnected the usual data links between clients and affected portions of its internal networks.

Krebs also viewed documents that explained that the malware used in the attack suggested the intruders may have been Chinese hackers known as both Byzantine Candor and the Comment Group. As Krebs notes, Bloomberg News has taken a deep dive into possible Comment Group exploits.

The hackers, whom many experts believe are part of the Chinese military establishment, have struck targets as diverse as Halliburton Co., Canadian court officials and the president of the European Union Council.

It’s probably just a coincidence, but Saturday, just a few days after Krebs on Security first reported the Telvent intrusion, Rogers Internet, which services millions of Canadian customers, had a sustained and serious service outage. That just doesn’t sound subtle enough for an outfit like the Comment Group.

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