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Anonymous Tweets the Address to Justin Bieber’s Calabasas Mansion

But it looks like the Beliebers were a few steps ahead of them.
picture 15 Anonymous Tweets the Address to Justin Biebers Calabasas Mansion

Aerial view. (Photo: Google Maps)

When Anonymous isn’t claiming to have leaked Apple IDs, they occasionally publish personal info about people for the lulz. Case in point: they just tweeted the address of one world-famous teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, much to the delight of Beliebers everywhere.

“For the beliebers out there, your man lives at 25202 Del Prado Grand, Calabasas, CA 91302,” @YourAnonNews, one of Anonymous’s main Twitter handles, tweeted a little over an hour ago. Betabeat has confirmed that the address is indeed the correct residence for Mr. Bieber, though whether or not the news was already out there is yet to be determined. It seems the Beliebers were already in possession of this juicy piece of info last month.

screen shot 2012 09 19 at 2 38 01 pm Anonymous Tweets the Address to Justin Biebers Calabasas Mansion

Mr. Bieber, who–according to a New Yorker profile of his manager Scooter Braun–lives in the house with a roommate, recently purchased the over 9,200 square feet home back in the spring. X17 published photos of the Biebs’ new digs, and the address number for the house–25202–is easily visible in one of them. According to the LA County Assessor’s office, the 7-year-old 6 bedroom, 7 bathroom house was purchased on April 16, 2012 for $6,500,065 (down from its original listing price of $7.5 million.)

Good thing the house is safely situated in a gated community.

“Why was Justin Bieber’s address dropped?” tweeted Anonymous. “For the lulz, you laughed right? ;)”

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