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Why Didn’t Any Startups Get Off Their Butts And Pitch This Captive Audience?

It wasn't even that hot out.
 Why Didnt Any Startups Get Off Their Butts And Pitch This Captive Audience?

Pitch me maybe? (Photo: flickr.com/joeshlabotnik)

Tonight is the premiere of the Public’s revival of Sondheim’s In the Woods, which means free tickets were distributed at 1p.m. yesterday. Because New Yorkers love nothing so much as an excuse to stand in line at a park (see also: Shake Shack), Gothamist reports that the queue was hundreds of people long by midday.

And because New Yorkers also love to make a buck, the waiting musical theater enthusiasts were immediately descended upon by pitchmen. One man handed out flyers for a deli that delivers to the line. Random House interns were distributing galleys of an upcoming release. Manhattan Fruitier was handing out sample apples, plus coupons, and another team was passing out ticket vouchers for Katie Couric’s new show.

But notice who’s missing from that list? Tech startups, usually the biggest hustlers in the game. The closest thing appears to be the team promoting an “online trivia game.” What, you can all decamp to Texas for South by Southwest, but Central Park is too much of a trek?

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