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Tumblr Model David Karp Poses for ‘Fashion-Forward’ J.Crew Ad

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screen shot 2012 08 17 at 1 30 21 pm Tumblr Model David Karp Poses for Fashion Forward J.Crew Ad


Judging by the pages of certain glossy magazines, one could be forgiven for assuming that founder/CEO/model is what passes for a triple-threat in Silicon Alley. (TV spokesperson is another option, if you play your cards right.) Today, WWD reported that Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp will be starring in J.Crew’s fall campaign. That’s the second print campaign for the notoriously advertising-averse Mr. Karp, who also appeared in a Uniqlo ad last summer. 

J.Crew is notably upmarket from the 2010 Gap ad starring fellow Made in NYC luminaries Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvaduari. Of course, the Foursquare co-founders followed that up with a bit of hand-modeling and prime-time charity work during the Olympics. Both Mr. Karp and Mr. Crowley are expected to be featured in an upcoming Annie Leibovitz spread for Vanity Fair, alongside Mr. Karp’s bulldog Clark and Arianna Huffington in a sidecar.

WWD says the campaign will eschew “marquee names,” opting instead for “successful, fashion-forward types from different walks of life.” Perhaps J.Crew appreciated Mr. Karp’s recent scruffy hair/skinny tie/sneakers combo onstage at Lincoln Center.

J.Crew chief marketing officer Diego Scotti emphasized the campaign’s focus on relatable folks–Mr. Karp’s $800 million valuation aside. “We chose very accomplished people who have an impact on our customers and culture in general … Our customers identify with them, but the campaign is not about celebrities.”

For any aspiring founder/models out there, no monetization strategy required to apply!

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