The Final Frontier

This Kickstarter Project Wants to Build an Elevator to Space

Moon elevator: engage!
picture 16 This Kickstarter Project Wants to Build an Elevator to <em>Space</em>

(Photo: Kickstarter)

Finally a Kickstarter project worthy of a slice of our meager earnings: Yahoo reports that a technology company called the Liftport Group is raising money on the crowdfunding platform to build an elevator that will take you higher than you’ve ever been: all the way to space, suckahs!

Liftport has already surpassed its $8,000 goal on Kickstarter. The company plans to use the money to create a balloon that allows robots to climb two kilometers into space. Liftport claims it’s had a breakthrough that makes a space elevator possible with our current modern-day technology.

According to Yahoo:

The breakthrough will allow the LiftPort group to build a space elevator on the moon using existing technology and a single-launch rocket solution that has “Sputnik-like simplicity,” Laine said. He added that the concept could become a reality within eight years.

Imagine if you were headed to the moon and got stuck with a bunch of robots going to stops before yours, like the atmosphere or an asteroid. We’d “accidentally” pound on the “door close” button ASAP.

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