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The Winklevoss Twins Buy a Hollywood Hills Bachelor Pad, Reportedly Prepare to Invade L.A.

Why launch one's West Coast outpost in anything but high style?
 The Winklevoss Twins Buy a Hollywood Hills Bachelor Pad, Reportedly Prepare to Invade L.A.

That’s quite a view. (Photo: TMZ

Say it ain’t so! It appears that New York will be losing one of its two Winklevii. TMZ reports (via TechCrunch) that Tyler Winklevoss will be picking up stakes for Silicon Beach, to launch the West Coast outpost of the twins’ aptly named VC firm, Winklevoss Capital. (Cameron will be holding down the fort here in Manhattan.)

And since he can’t live in some hovel, the twins have purchased an ultra-modern home high in the Hollywood Hills, for a mere $18 million. Careful, gentlemen–that $65 million settlement won’t last forever, especially since part of it was paid in Facebook stock.

Says TMZ:

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss — who snagged $65 million by settling their beef with Zuckerberg, are getting one of the best homes in the Hollywood Hills.  The house that had been on the lot was bulldozed, and a new, 8,000 square foot crib was just completed with a jetliner view of L.A.

The sleek pad looks like somewhere you’d film a vodka commercial.

Apparently (or at least according to TMZ, and their tech coverage isn’t quite as solid as their celebrity death news), the pair “have their eye on SoCal as the new Silicon Valley… thanks to L.A.’s booming tech scene.”

From what we hear, the weather’s pretty hard to beat, too. But the twins do realize it’s too far up the California coast to row to San Francisco for meetings, right?

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